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The extensive range of services you can tap into when working with Annie Malan promotions include:

With the rapid technological advances taking place in recent years, many of South Africa’s leading banks have made the best of this opportunity to make banking easier and more accessible through Self Service Banking Channels. Annie Malan Promotions has, on several occasions, assisted their banking clients with consumer education, consumer registration and lead generation. Some examples are:


  • Consumer education: various ATM sites that were selected by our clients as the hotspots for cash withdrawals had two promoters on site to educate consumers and drive the sale of pre-paid airtime through the ATM. During the campaign, the Annie Malan Promotions team was able to increase pre-paid airtime purchases by 70{5c79d1bcb0ec8c62c581af74190d00238ac0836461d4f8a65be19c7aa790739b}.
  • Consumer registration: Promoters are sent to various branches nationwide educating consumers and taking them through the steps of registering for online banking, cell-phone banking and telephone banking.
  • Lead generation: After carefully selecting activation sites based on the clients target market, promoters are placed on site malls, taxi ranks and branches to generate leads for various banking products.

As a standard, Annie Malan Promotions select and train only the best of the best to ensure that the promoters are able to communicate the correct brand message at all times and that they fulfill the strict requirements set out by Banking institutions before they are allowed to work as brand ambassadors.

Every brand manager is reliant on retail outlets to ensure that the supplier’s products are displayed in an ecstatically pleasing way. This however can be less than satisfactory, as in-store merchandisers cannot give additional attention to detail. Annie Malan Promotions supplies merchandising services on a daily, weekly and monthly basis supplying our clients with in depth feedback, photos and any supplementary administration services.

Annie Malan Promotions has a database of 28 000 schools, both private and public, which can be targeted for promotional activations. Each of these schools can be selected for their age groups, economic status, education and language preferences. Promoters selected for these schools will always be able to fit in with the selected target market, removing perceived barriers and ensuring a seamless communication channel between promoter and pupil.

Annually South Africa hosts 27 conferences and exhibitions solely focussing the best flavours is has to offer. Annie Malan Promotions takes part in several of these by arranging access, concept and stand design, hot and cold tastings as well as supplying the very best promotional staff.

Annie Malan Promotions has also on several occasions arranged dream holidays and trips for competition winners that took part in national competitions. This included 24 hour chauffeurs, hot air balloon rides, hotel and accommodation as well as the booking shows like Cats and The Lion King.

Almost every major retail store in South Africa has a promoter selling fast-moving consumer goods and, to stand out from the crowd; Annie Malan Promotions supplies the very best promotional staff, real time activation feedback, lead generation and consumer comments and concerns.

Annie Malan Promotions specialises in ambush marketing, stealth marketing campaigns, corporate distributions, in-store promotions and intersection distributions. With 14 branches Nation Wide, our team can simultaneously activate in any region at any time.

With a daily barrage of visual and auditory information, mainly advertisements, the youth have become desensitised to non-interactive mediums. Annie Malan Promotions sources the most vibrant young individuals to suit the client’s target market. This characteristic communicates a brand message that has the appropriate voice and tone to effectively reach the target market.

In recent years youth marketing has been put under a lot of scrutiny for the amount of information, and misinformation, communicated to the youth. Annie Malan Promotions, as part of our social responsibility, selects brand messages that reinforces positive behaviours and discourages negative behaviour.

  • Consumer education: Educating students and pupils on the processes of applying to Universities and for student loans.
  • Lead generation: Compiling leads for clients for interactive services such as banking applications and WAP enabled content downloads.

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